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Johnson String Instrument.

Violin rentals are available from:

Johnson String Instrument
1029 Chestnut St,
Newton Upper Falls, MA 02464

See for a complete line of Suzuki materials.
Music books | Recordings

Suzuki Violin School. Volumes and recordings.

Required materials for our programs include music books and recordings as follows:
For violin program
Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 (music book)
Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 (CD)
Important — Be sure to get the revised edition of Suzuki Volume 1 and the revised CD. Playing correctly with this CD is a graduation requirement.
Music reading material

Suzuki Institute of Boston scales & exercises CD.

The Suzuki Institute of Boston offers a practice CD for the basic scales and exercises that we use. It includes accompaniments recorded by Donald Becker and David Tasgal. The exercises are fun and work well as a motivational tool. They also improve playing in tune and rhythmic skills after only one week of use. Students love practicing their scales with this CD. Students who can play correctly with this CD will be able to meet the basic technical requirements for learning the Suzuki pieces in books one and two.
The CD is available only from the Suzuki Institute of Boston or Johnson String Instrument.
Downloadable CD coming soon! Book with printed notation of the material on the CD will also be available soon!
Music reading material

The ABC’s of Violin for the Absolute Beginner. Music book series.

The ABC’s of Violin is an attractive collection by Janice Tucker Rhoda that we use for our beginning music reading classes. It starts with basic decoding skills and moves to excerpts from famous pieces as well as original works. Unless your teacher tells you otherwise, get book one of the series. For more information, see ABC's of Violin.
Music reading material

Strings Fun and Easy. Music book series. Volumes 1–4.

Strings Fun and Easy by David Tasgal is used for basic music reading and contains 35 original pieces in various styles ranging from the baroque to jazz and blues. The included CD is outstanding as a motivational tool and is lots of fun. Unless your teacher tells you otherwise, get book one of the series. For more information, see
Reference book

Nurtured by Love. By Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Dr. Suzuki’s own story of his life, work and his philosophy of education for the young children.
Reference book

To Learn With Love. By Mr. William Starr.

A parent’s guide with helpful tips for motivation and home practice by one of the founders of the Suzuki Method in the United States.